Missing Ruben & Max

Date of disappearance:  13/ 04/ 2013

Place of disappearance : Kiev / Ukraine


Ruben Tretyakov

Age at disappearance: 14 years old

Height :165-170 cm, medium build, oval face,

dark, short hair,

brown eyes.

On the day of disappearance was dressed: black tracksuit with white stripes and the words “adidas”, bright blue sneakers with white trim, autumn blue jacket with white stripes on the sleeves. He had with him: blue backpack (triangular shape.)

Max Szkwarko (Greaves)

Age at disappearance: 13 years old

height 168 cm, medium build,

brown hair, short, round face,

blue eyes.

On the day of disappearance was dressed:   dark blue jeans, red sneakers with the word “PUMA”, a blue sweatshirt.


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